Conventional wisdom has it that people are either ‘right-brained’ or ‘left-brained’ depending on whether they tend to be more creative or analytical thinkers. From an anatomical perspective, the “right-left brain” concept seems to be incorrect*. But then how about the metaphor, do people actually fall into either one category or the other? Do we get to pick sides?

Nah, not by my book anyway. I think we are all capable of diving into our creative mode to seek for cues and inspiration *and* of activating our analytical mode when we need accuracy and certainty. …

9 years into freelancing, 9 years of tears and joy. Here’s what I know now.

  1. Take it easy, this is going to take some time. You are not running a sprint, you are running a marathon.
  2. Draw clear lines, hold your ground, don’t drop your guard, build your defenses. You will not avoid being disrespected and mistreated by being smart, helpful and nice.
  3. Overall, try to ignore what people say and pay close attention to what they do. Behavior inevitably reveals character.
  4. Shortcomings and mistakes are part of any process, yours and others’. …

Makes for a cool quote, and I actually think it comes from a good place:

Even if you don’t see the end of the tunnel yet, keep going like it’s out there somewhere.

It seems to me the goal is to encourage the young and scared and clueless to be bold and step forward anyway. This is good advice if you want to progress from young and clueless to mature and aware.

But sometimes in the entrepreneurial culture “Fake it” is used to imply “Pretend you know things even when you don’t” that -seems to me- encourages camouflaging one’s true…

Pick a route you really like.

For several years, some of my friends have repeatedly tried to start running and somehow weave it into their lifestyle. Most of these attempts to “get into shape” — ie reach a fitness goal — have taken place in the spring, when the weather is nice, the mood is up and the Greek summer is right around the corner.

However, none of my friends outside the gym are — or have been — consistent runners. Most people will go run a few times in the spring, go on a diet in parallel, lose a couple of pounds and then forget…

Let’s assume that you, the client, are about to start a new design project. You have requested and received a project proposal that is based on a structured, step by step process, includes different types of deliverables for different milestones and the costs have been carefully mapped to your actual project needs. Sounds great.

But you wanna be fast, and perhaps save some budget too. You think that if you cut down on the time and budget allocated on Milestone 1, and jump straight into Milestone 2, you are being extra efficient, right? Cutting down on project deliverables will make…

Why (I believe) the best designers I know of are also great thinkers

When you first attend design school, you are advised to forget these tiny but overused phrases “I like this/ I don’t like that”. Guess what: no one cares what you like if you are about to be taught the basics of your design profession. You need to become able to make design choices and defend those choices against various -internal and external- parameters. You quickly realize that in order to do that you have to develop strong argument building skills.

This is a prerequisite for your professional…

Anthi Malteza

Strategic designer, digital transformation trainer.

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